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We went on Rollercoasters. Not surprising for these guys, but for that girl - it was shooketh!

We went on Rollercoasters. Not surprising for these guys, but for that girl - it was shooketh!

I think it's amazing that we all think of different things when we play word association games. When you say, "Busch Gardens!" I say, "Yes!" and think that I'd love to see beautiful gardens and animals. My friends think, "ROLLERCOASTERS!"

When this group gets together it's as if we are on a high... there's just no other way to describe it - especially the night before we left when we assembled together. There was loads of laughter, some vegan food, fresh pineapple and standing in the rain talking (because why not?). 

I love trying new things like restaurants and the like. I've been so lucky with the opportunities presented to me this year - they've been a good shooketh experience as a whole - especially during this "restart" period or my life. Some of the travel has been honestly amazing, but rollercoasters? I'm afraid of them.  

In all honesty, I had NOT BEEN ON A ROLLERCOASTER SINCE ANY OF THESE GUYS WERE BORN! And suddenly, I was facing this huge fear and having a quiet but major panic attack.  I thought that this trip to Busch Gardens was an exploration trip to see gardens, animals and the sights of Florida's west coast. How did I agree to this, rollercoasters were a - nope, no, no way for me.

But. There's always a but or two. Then came a challenge from Mitchell, to actually go on a rollercoaster - because it would be "shooketh." How could I not at least try? Isn't that what taking opportunities is all about? That's the brave me, the writer me, in reality, there was an overwhelming fear. 

This is what I recall:

I don't exactly remember how I agreed to go on the first rollercoaster but before I knew it, I was on it.

I remember insisting that I didn't fit into the rollercoaster's seat, but I did. 

I remember holding hands with the guys to my left and right.

I remember that first rollercoaster ascending.

And, I remember telling Mitchell that thought this trip was about seeing animals and gardens etc. Then, he pointed to a giraffe and said, there's a giraffe - all during this giant ascent to the top before the drop.

Then, the rollercoaster lurched on that first downward spiral. I screamed loudly and surprised myself as I'm generally very soft spoken - I know I surprised everyone else too, but not immediately when that first ride ended.  

When the ride was over, I survived and then had one of those hilarious moments that you probably had to be there for...as everyone in the group thought that the loud screams were from Marty and not me. They were shooketh that me, a quiet person generally could scream so LOUD. 

Challenge completed. I am so happy that I did it - that this old girl got her pancake ass in a rollercoaster seat and went on a rollercoaster or 4. I'm kind of proud that I did 5 rollercoaster rides including Sheikra twice!  SHEIKRA

And, I did see some animals and downtown Ybor City too. It was a long day but worth it. Definitely one of the best days of the year. 

Lessons learned

  • If you're into amusement parks, we went on a Monday while school was in session and it was awesome. Hardly any lines and often no lines to ride the rides!
  • With the encouragement and support of your friends, you can face your fears. 
  • There are many opportunities out there, take a chance, you may surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.
  • Build positive memories, you can rely on those positive moments when you need a bit of encouragement. 

I believe you can find teachers in people of all ages. I know that I did.

Take an opportunity once in a while. You might surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. I  did.

Dream, do and experience life.

Thank you for reading ~ Wendy.




I am an artist: skilled in the art of over-packing

I am an artist: skilled in the art of over-packing

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