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The Adventures of Random Spook Boy's Aunt

The Adventures of Random Spook Boy's Aunt

St. Augustine may have not been the most exotic place that I have ever been; however, it was the trip that started it all.

One spontaneous trip led to ... 

I blame that nephew. Or should I thank him? I never did anything like this before, but it was his idea.  On a Sunday evening in March 2017, we both had terrible days and yes there were tears. It was very late in the evening and we were playing cards in silence. I know I was lost in my own thoughts – I think he was too. Usually our card games involved lots of lively discussions – but on this day, it was quiet. Suddenly, nephew broke the silence and said (rather randomly) that we should go to St. Augustine.  And then he said we should go now, spur of the moment. With what I’ve been going through, a change or adventure sounded appealing and I couldn’t think of any reason to say no. So, in about 10 minutes - we were on the road.  (This is so uncharacteristic of me!)

Trip highlights

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Wolff’s Museum of Mystery: it’s not your ordinary museum, it has a horror movie kind of vibe and artifacts galore about gore. For me, gore and horror are not my favorite genre – I’m truly a cute animal kind of person – you know the kind, I watch cat and dog videos for fun.  But, I’m up for a challenge especially against a 20-something year old.  So, I put on my big girl pants and I went in. 

The museum was interesting with lots of stuff to see on this self-guided tour.  I suppose the most intense moment of the museum for me was when we entered an area with warnings and neither of us wanted to go in first. If anyone had been watching our discussion or negotiations, I think they would have thought we were two 7-year-old school children:

Nephew: “You go first!”  Me: “No! You go first!” Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Ultimately, it was me – the brave one (or the loser?) that went first.  I don't want to spoil the surprise, but obviously, I survived. Hey, I’m kind of proud because I faced my fears and completed this challenge!

Wolff’s Museum also offered tarot card readings and palm readings.  We opted to meet with both women for our individual readings. For me, it was an interesting encounter with both as much of what was said about the past and present was kind of accurate – only with time will we see about the future predictions!

What was there to do after the this? 

Well, ghost tours of course!  The tours consisted of two parts – a walking part and a part where we were driven to different locations including a cemetery and bar with a ghost portal. Pretty brave for my first time – right?  And we were given ghost hunting gadgets for the duration of the tour.  These guided tours were small and fortunately there were only 4 of us + our guide.  We were joined by Vinny and Giana (link below - continue downward for a clip).

Did I have an encounter with a ghost.  I think yes. 

Did I freak out a bit?  Oh, I think yes. 

Would I ever do this again?  Yup. 

What happened exactly? 

I would classify this as another one of those not so proud moment that I have in my repertoire of experiences. I definitely felt something, the hair on my arms tingled. I believe I saw something and then I freaked out.  I got up and left the encounter and left everyone behind - you could say it was a giant NOPE. So, for the final stop on the tour I was DONE and I stayed in the vehicle. The others had one last adventure and although I didn't see it, I did see Giana's video. Click here for her YouTube: https://youtu.be/QGfs1J5U6ng

Here is where Giana gave nephew his nickname: Random Spook Boy.

What did I learn?

I learned how to let loose and take that first step on an adventure. I stepped out of my comfort zone and rose to the challenges presented to me. It was a mostly positive experience that gave me some confidence to begin to rise above the situations that I was in at home. 

I had a slightly different view of the world when I came back.

I'm ready for more adventures and opportunities to face my fears and try new things.

Thank you for reading - Wendy












An Aunt's view of the French Quarter - New Orleans

An Aunt's view of the French Quarter - New Orleans

What might be a better alternative to walking around a museum?

What might be a better alternative to walking around a museum?