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An Aunt's view of the French Quarter - New Orleans

An Aunt's view of the French Quarter - New Orleans

New Orleans has always been kind of a dream place to visit.

For me as my only experiences in the city was as a young child on a family trip...so, when the opportunity to visit New Orleans came around I had to take it. All the responsibilities at home were taken care of so...yes, New Orleans was the first big trip.

Where we stayed at first, just one crazy night!

We stayed at the Lafitte Guest House and let me tell you that the room was gorgeous – check out some of the photos.  The room had a balcony that overlooked a corner of Bourbon Street. Just being in New Orleans gave me a feeling that the city was alive and full of spirit or shall I say spirits?

When we arrived after driving all day, we opted to dine in and ordered from the famous Verti Marte known for their homemade Cajun food and 24/7 delivery.  Yes... 24/7 delivery! Oh, they deliver huge portions, so be forewarned about OVER ordering!     

The gorgeous room was beautiful, but sleeping in this room was something that wasn't going to happen because of either the proximity of the room next to the haunted room or because nephew brought a Ouija Board. To say he freaked out is not an understatement and it led to this horribly embarrassing moment for me at 3 am.


It is my solemn wish that by now any Security Footage of that evening has been overwritten and there is no video of me walking at 3 am - yes 3 am - to toss away nephew's object of fear - the board below - into the kitchen trash after he repeatedly requested and kept me wake until it was discarded. It's a not so proud moment for me. But the kid was depriving me of sleep and and whining.  

Cemetery Visit?

What's a trip to New Orleans without a trip to the oldest cemetery?  What makes this an interesting/cool/historical stop is that it's the oldest cemetery and it's called Saint Louis Cemetery Number One.  SLCN1 features 3 of Marie Laveau's crypts.   We were advised by our guide not to touch the crypts because something that I just don't recall could happen. Well, nephew not only left an "offering" but he touched the grave stone and then developed a mysterious rash that involved a trip to a walk-in clinic - because it spread - the rash from his wrist to all over. 

Wait who was Marie Laveau?

Marie Catherine Laveau (September 10, 1801– June 15, 1881)was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo, who was renowned in New Orleans. Thank you Wikipedia - click here for the details.

For history buffs that haven't been here, there is so much to see and do. Some of the trip highlights include driving through neighborhoods and stopping at the mansion featured in American Horror Story - Coven. I don't watch scary stuff so this was kind of lost on me, but seeing the mansion is cool. 

Also, an excursion to a palm and tarot card reader at Madam Laveau's House of Voodoo was fun as it seemed like the obvious activity to try in one of the best places in the US. If that's not your thing, the store itself has a plethora of interesting object to see. 

See a ghost tour because it's New Orleans and this must be the place for ghosts - just peak at the history.

The tour I went on definitely had a creep factor that raised some hairs on the back of my neck but the ghost interactions were just about zero? This group separated into two different groups in an old house in the old part of the city and we were told that there was a ghost portal inside. The tour guide provided tons of ghost hunting gadgets but they didn't go off much - it may have just been a quiet evening. Funny, there was a random cat that decided to tag along with us. I'm not sure if the ghosts didn't like the cat but that cat didn't react to anything. Thankfully, there were no fake theatrics - it was just a mostly quiet evening.  Maybe next time? 

Best dining experience

The most memorable dining experience was suggested by nephew because he is a huge fan of American Horror Story. We went to Atchafalaya Restaurant. The food was really good and in my humble opinion might be food blog worthy. Here’s a link to their website, http://www.atchafalayarestaurant.com/ 

Lessons learned

Driving long distances can be a little tough on the participants. Hydration is important so plan on a few restroom stops. After all, you can always eat in the car if you need to make up some time. Also, when the tour guide says, don't touch that artifact and you do and get a rash - don't freak out. It's just a rash.  And for crying out loud - don't bring a ouija board. Just saying.

Thank you for reading - Wendy

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