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When An Opportunity Comes Your Way

When An Opportunity Comes Your Way

Updated 9-1-17

Sometimes an opportunity comes along and you can either hide in your bed and let the opportunity slip by – or you can try something new and put yourself out there. That's what Shooketh Travels is all about. 

Being a dreamer and a Piscean, dreams come easy -- it’s the “doing” that is difficult. 

How did this start?

Like so many of us, without being too boring, an opportunity came my way and I went on an adventure. That adventure turned into a few adventures and well, that's how Shooketh Travels started.

Maybe the experiences so far haven't been too shocking for you but for me they were. Going on ghost tours, driving through Colorado, hiking in Alaska were all shooketh for me. Seeing a drag queen show in Key West and then again in Fort Lauderdale - shooketh and truly amazing with the physicality and performances.  

And then, there is an embarrassing story from Fort Lauderdale that involved a drag queen who during her performance decided to shove my head (I was wearing glasses to give you a visual) in between her breasts for a 'motor boat'. This provided so much hilarity to everyone at the club, Southern Nights, especially for Jonathan whom I've never seen laugh that hard - ever!  I had no idea that the performers would do that and I froze up like an iceberg as I'd never been in such a predicament in my life!  Truly a shooketh moment.

What's the point or tip? We have but one life, just like the soap opera says, one life to live. If an opportunity comes around and you have the ability to take it (it doesn't hurt anyone, you can meet your responsibilities and obligations) - then why not try.   

Is this a mid-life crisis?  Probably yes.

Is this a train wreck? Sometimes yes.  My first hike in Colorado I quit because I was scared - train wreck. My 'edibles' experience in Colorado – sheesh – embarrassing, mortifying.  The above motor boat encounter - most definitely a train wreck - but all shooketh.

Can these experiences be an inspiration? Darn I hope so. Like, when I went to Alaska and met the most amazing people and actually did my first mountain hike! Amazing (thank you Lynda!).  Or, well, the first trip to St. Augustine – never have I ever done anything like that before. 

Last thought?  I googled this quote - but it echoes the sentiment perfectly.

“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Where should I go next?  Please email or comment below.  

Thank you for taking the time to read.

-- Wendy

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