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Key West: Who Lost Their Credit Cards & Driver's License?

Key West: Who Lost Their Credit Cards & Driver's License?

Wendy’s Key West Experience

What happened to all my credit cards?

You may not know this, but I’m a forty-something South Floridian that hasn’t really done anything adventurous for decades - until a late night in March 2017 when I accepted a late night challenge to go on an adventure with my nephew, Alex. Really, it’s hard to believe, especially if you know me, but its true. 

So much has changed in me over the past few months. I’ve made new friends and reconnected with old friends. I started ShookethTravels.com and started to do my dreams. Let’s see what happens shall we? 

I find it inspiring when you meet people with some of the same passions in life, people that you get along with and that are up for an adventure – that’s Jonathan. He and I are friends.  He’s 21, in college, has a cool job and loves to dance.  And, he’s good!  While I haven’t been to Key West, FL in over twenty years, he’s never been!  Here’s our Key West Experience.

Trip Highlights

It feels like it takes forever to get to Key West especially when it’s raining during the drive and the weather forecast calls for more rain. But, travel is all about the dream, doing and experiencing life –right? So, onward we drove, well, actually, HE drove. This made me so happy as I rely on the map app on my phone and still routinely turn onto the wrong roads – it’s just one of my talents, not a good talent, but a talent nonetheless. Jonathan is a natural – you know the kind, he goes someplace once and instantly remembers how to go back to the highway days later. 

Very cool excursion #1 – off to Duval Street, Coolest Happy Hour ever and my first drag queen show!

I’m not an expert with Happy Hour experiences beyond going to a chain restaurant that makes a nice frozen drink once a year or so.  

So, we started by going to a small place just off Duval Street called 2¢ Restaurant & Pub recommended by the Guesthouse staff. (Great choice!)  Their happy hour was so cool, firstly, instead of generic crunchy things like crackers or nuts, the 2¢ gives you bacon.  Yes, BACON! And when you finish it, they bring you another without asking.  Then, you order your drink and roll for the price of your drink. Get a 1 and pay $1. Get a 2 pay $2. Get a 3 and it is half price.  Roll a 4, 5, or 6 and tough luck, full price. We rolled a 2 & 3! 

After happy hour, we walked around sightseeing and saw about a hundred Key West roosters in every conceivable corner of the town. There are art galleries, restaurants, tourist shops and nightclubs.  We found bar called Aqua with a drag queen show in progress. We went in saw the rest of the show and then went back for part of the second show. I have a new respect for these performers.  Funny, interesting and acrobatic, for me, it was a good time - I'm sure for Jonathan too. 

This evening would not have been complete without Jonathan riding a mechanical bull at a western bar off Duval Street. 

Yes, there is video. I may be persuaded to post it...

Yes, there are photos - see. 

 No, I did not ride the bull.

I can honestly say I’m so proud of him for accepting the challenge and completing the challenge!  Job well done!

Very cool excursion #2 – where are my credit cards?

It is certainly no secret that I love cats so it was a must to see the Hemingway House. However, my credit cards, driver’s license and debit cards were suddenly gone – either lost or stolen! There was a bit of shadiness that’s too vague to provide details, but let me say it cut our activities short. But, it was so fortunate in a way too as people shine in these kinds of circumstances.  This was such a time for some shining!  A huge thank you to the angel who allowed us to visit the Hemingway House, see the cats and grounds – check for the bucket list!  

We spent the rest of our time walking and exploring the area, taking photos for Instagram and the website.  No fabulous spa experience or ritzy dining experiences for us…But we did a have a sampling of several fruity drinks and mojitos which just added to the fun.

Cool hanging at the resort.

Alexander's Guest House made us feel so welcome - LGBT  friendly establishment

Alexander's Guest House made us feel so welcome - LGBT  friendly establishment

Since I had limited funds, after my walking app indicated I hit my target of 5 miles, we went back to the Guesthouse. And even better – it was just Happy Hour with more free drinks & munchies.  Oh, and the best part of the night had to be our complimentary champagne with orange juice and chocolate strawberries that our hosts provided, listening to music, eating pizza and our conversations about embarrassing stories including one about a motor boat (who doesn't know what that means? That's a story for the next blog!) It was a great way to have fun and be affordable in a fun place with fun people. 


Key West was fun and charming. The city had so many elements that were new to me including: travel with Jonathan; going to my first drag queen show; losing my credit cards; and staying at an LGBT super-friendly, clean and beautiful Guesthouse.  Definitely this trip left me shooketh.


Oh, and the day after this trip, we went to Miami to see Wynwood Walls & Wilton Manors, FL - and I had the most embarrassing story - yes really, it happened. That will be the next read. :)

Dream, do & experience life!

The Details


We traveled in July 2017, stayed at the Alexander’s Guest House on Fleming in Key West for two nights. Alexander’s Guest House is centrally located and you can walk or bike to Duval Street easily. This Guesthouse was beautiful, composed of a collection a few buildings with a pool & hot tub in courtyard – stylish and relaxing and most importantly - clean. There are nice touches everywhere, like a choice of salt scrubs in the cabana bathroom, lots of cool artwork and Hercules – the big orange tabby. This Guesthouse caters to LGBT and LGBT-friendly persons and it was perfect for us: the staff is top notch, professional and extremely helpful with great recommendations (thanks for your 2¢)! The guests we met were friendly, interesting and welcoming to us – we felt so comfortable here! If I must say anything negative, it would be that the hot tub wasn’t hot enough or actually hot at all, but everyone was so nice and didn’t want to disturb the staff late at night – we just enjoyed each other’s company and the cool hot tub.  This was a positive environment with no judgment whatsoever.  See the photos below. 

Favorite meal in Key West

The 2¢ Restaurant & Pub was my favorite meal, good food, good drinks, and fun happy hour.

These are the drinks!

These are the drinks!

Favorite ‘go to’ meal


Every great adventure begins with Starbucks     - Wendy

Every great adventure begins with Starbucks

- Wendy



Key West: Who Rode A Mechanical Bull?

Key West: Who Rode A Mechanical Bull?

Day Tripping

Day Tripping