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Key West Part 2 - Right Before Hurricane Irma

Key West Part 2 - Right Before Hurricane Irma

Sitting on the front porch of the cottage we rented, just a block from Duval Street, we watched the full moon rise and people stroll by. It was a beautiful moment. Then came the realization that while one of us was admiring the glorious moon, the other was, in fact, admiring a street light. We laughed like little kids. Oh, yes, it was a 'shooketh' trip.

How did Key West Part 2 happen?

Well, like all things shooketh, it was a spur of the moment plan that came together just days prior over a cup of tea and rooftop chat with Mitch.  Read about Mitch here or on the About Page.

Our interviews and trip highlights. 

There were many photo opportunities with beautiful flora such as this Royal Poinsettia. And then these other kinds of photo opportunities too!


Questions to Mitch:

Wendy - What made you say yes? 

Mitch - I'm always looking for an adventure and someone willing to do it with me.

Wendy - What is the importance of head stands?

Mitch - The head stand to me, it's just one of those things where I like to consecrate an area especially if it is a beautiful location. I do it on top of mountains etc.. It’s my way of claiming territory for myself.

Wendy - What was your most iconic moment during the trip?

Mitch - The porch moments

Wendy - If you could relive a moment in time during those three days, what would it be?

Mitch - I really enjoyed sitting on the dock. By myself and with you. It was my escape from reality.

Wendy - What was the biggest shock to you?

Mitch - During the trip: The 801 Bourbon Street when the go go dancer sudden showed his penis.  With you?  It's the last time we got to see the Keys like that. (because of the hurricane).

Wendy - Rose, bud, and thorns?

Mitch - Rose: Experience Key West before the destruction just days prior to Hurricane Irma.  Bud: Being able to get to know Wendy on a more personal level. Thorn: Getting too drunk and calling a guy I barely know & complaining.

Wendy - Favorite cuisine? Mitch - The banana daiquiris from Latitudes

Wendy - Favorite Place?

Mitch -  I really liked Mallory Square and the sunset we got to watch and see such a variety of performers. Anywhere with a beautiful sunset.

Wendy - Anything you wish you did that you did not? Mitch - Paddle boarding, water sport

Wendy - What was your favorite flavor of jello shot that rained down from the heavens? Mitch - Clear, tasted like glacier freeze Gatorade

Wendy - annoying moment?  

Mitch - Having to go back to the cookie store because I ate my friend’s cookie and then I ate that one too!

Questions to Wendayyyyyy:

Mitch - What was your most iconic moment during the trip?

Wendy - “Sitting on the dock, I loved sitting on the dock so much, I don’t think we talked so much but it blew my mind to feel so comfortable and at peace. I actually felt true peace.”

Mitch - If you could relive a moment in time during those three days, what would it be?

Wendy -“Laying on the floor eating choc chip cookies, laughing like little kids while drunk. That was the most drunk I've ever been without blacking out. And then making that video.”

Mitch - Did you see any cool clouds? Environmental majesty? Any…SUNSETS?

Wendy - “Yes! Saw the amazing sunset by the side of the road near McDonalds and that meant so much to me. Then another one near Mallory Square and that one was special too but the first one was the most special.”

Mitch - How many dogs did you or did you not pet?

Wendy - “I think I petted just about every dog I saw. I think it’s common knowledge that I love animals and I always take advantage of the opportunity.”

Mitch - How was it sleeping in the bed with Mitch who is prone to seeing people standing in corners?

Wendy  - “Ummmm it was different than the first time for sure. Weird because you were sleeping on the edge but so was I, I thought you were going to roll off.”

Mitch - What was the biggest shock to you?

Wendy - “When we were trying to get into Aqua and the bouncer told us he’d let us in for free if we made out at that moment. Then the next day when I asked you about it, you said 'I'm not gay but 20 dollars is 20 dollars!'

Mitch - Rose, bud, and thorns?

Wendy  “Rose, so many moments. It’s so difficulut. Driving down, the road trip, the private conversations at the six toed cat café, that was so…real. I loved sitting on the dock. That was so incredible. Also the really fancy restaurant. It was such a nice experience. Cookie shopping. The gallery we visited. It was all so cool.”

Mitch - Favorite cuisine?   Wendy  - “CHEESE PLATTER”

Mitch - Favorite drag queen?  Wendy - “The drag queen at Aqua that thought she was hot and she was!”

Mitch - Anything you wish you did that you did not?  

Wendy -  “I think I did everything I wanted to. But im always up to suggestions.”

Mitch - X amount of years down the road (X being the amount to being in a senile state), What would be one thing that would spring to memory?

Wendy - “Probably sitting on the dock. Watching the moon in the water, the heat lighting, that was just a perfect moment. The way I felt at that moment was just so perfect.”

Mitch - What was your favourite flavor of jello shot that rained down from the heavens?

Wendy - “Probably the lemon”  (A bachelorette gave us numerous jello shots and Mitch bought her pizza! I laughed so hard that I had a stomach ache! - this lead to the cone incident!)

Mitch - If we had turned around while I strutted down the sidewalk with the white traffic cone on my head, what do you think would have happened?

Wendy - “Oh my gosh…you know the picture is going to go up online is that okay? (Mitch - yeah, I guess) I think we would have been reprimanded like children and made to return it (the cone) to it’s original position. I did not wish to be reprimanded.”

Mitch - If you could eat anything off the floor, aside from Famous Amos Cookies, what would it be and why?

Wendy - “I don’t know if I could eat anything off the floor…but if I was laying on the floor, I just would want snacks.”

Mitch - After getting gin drunk with Mitch, do you or do you not love gin?

Wendy - “hahahahah….the first sip of the first drink was so strong…but I do like it and I later bought a bottle. I’ll save it for the next adventure.”

The details:

Wendy - We visited Mallory Square, the Hemingway House and Sunset Key. We met awesome people everywhere: artists, performers, bachelorettes (so many!) and other people on their own adventures.  Some people were awesome and others wanted us to do things that we politely declined.

We saw inspiring art at some galleries including a cool experience at the Dog Tired Studio and Gallery where we met the owner Sean and artist Chris. They were actually closed and preparing for the hurricane, but their door was unlocked (we didn't notice the closed sign until we were leaving!) and when we went inside they welcomed us warmly for a wonderful experience.  Here's the website: www.dogtiredstudio.net

Our course we went to clubs like Aqua and 801 Bourbon for the spectacular drag queen performances. We also visited some other clubs to experience the other side of Key West including Garden of Eden (no cameras allowed) because it is clothing optional. Oh, and there was another club that I don't recall the name but they had a $5 Long Island Iced Tea and this club also had male dancers that left nothing to the imagination. Surprising to me!

This trip was the perfect combination of flat out fun and quiet times of reflection. Most inspiring moment - hanging out on the pier and watching the reflection of the moon over the ocean while Mitch played his ukulele.

Thank you for reading. Want to know more? Comment below or contact us here.


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