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Something unfortunate or terrible or well, shooketh happened on an airplane

Something unfortunate or terrible or well, shooketh happened on an airplane

During the winter holiday break, one member of the crew – Jonathan - had a most ‘unfortunate’ thing (or is this a series of things?) happen to him on a flight.  It could have happened to any person on a flight. Thankfully, he agreed to let it be told because there is a bit of advice or lesson learned that maybe you could use on your next flight. For me, I will definitely take that advice after hearing his story of his trip to Thailand. 

His trip was epic. His photos were gorgeous, beautiful and exotic, not quite shooketh (at least not the ones we could publish) .   However, it’s what happened on one flight that can truly be the definition of shooketh.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 7.58.26 PM.png

Trips like these are once in a lifetime and thankfully, Jonathan, took this opportunity through a national travel program for college students.

What happened?

Getting to Thailand involved flying from Miami to Chicago to meet some of his travel group, then Chicago to Hong Kong and finally Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand.  It was one LONG day with some travel turbulence and bad food.

Bad food. You know, food that makes you sick. Jonathan was so lucky - well, not quite at this part - yet. 

For those seated next to him, it was a mixture of lucky and unlucky. Lucky because he didn't actually get sick ON THEM.

Unlucky, because he was violently ill to such an extent that he threw up and then he threw up again and again. Unlucky again because in his rain of vomit, he actually barfed on his clothes.

He then rushed to the bathrooms only to find them all occupied.

Then he dashed to the back of the plane to advise the staff in the kitchen galley of the dire situation with the restrooms, but there was some confusion and a language barrier between him and the Asian flight attendants and before he knew it – he violently vomited again!

Where did this latest situation happen? 

Well, no facilities were available, so he resorted to the only receptacle close to him - the kitchen coffee pots! In the commotion, the attendants began to shriek out of utter shock; he left the staff “shooketh!” as the situation progressively worsened for all involved.

Eventually, Jonathan finally felt better and he was no longer throwing up. It was at this moment, he realized the predicament he was now faced with. He was in the unfortunate position of having NO CLEAN CLOTHES in his carryon bag because he checked it all in his luggage.

What did he do for clothing?

Well, see the photo he sent below. It's kind of amazing that the staff was able to provide him with first class pajamas. He was extra fortunate because he was able to wear them on the flight, through the next airport, on the last flight and to the hotel where he was finally reunited with his suitcase and could change!

As if his embarrassment could be considered over - Nope. To add to this rather embarrassing situation, he was now in the position where he then had to CARRY THIS DIRTY LAUNDRY on his remaining flights.

When he met up with his new found travel friends in the group, he immediately received some awkward stares and then he had to explain the less than glamorous reason why he was in this shooketh condition.

Lessons learned.

·      Pack emergency clothes in your carryon bag – because this could happen to anyone.

·      And, the red sauce pasta on foreign airlines isn’t always the safest bet! 

·      For travelers considering faraway destinations with long flights be sure to pack some Dramamine to help avoid motion sickness that may come with flight turbulence.  ;)

We applaud our friends that share their misfortune and laugh about it – because laugh, we did. 

Thank you for reading, Wendy & Jonathan

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