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My first PRIDE Event

My first PRIDE Event

The 2018 Palm Beach Pride Event was held March 24th & 25th in Bryant, Park in Lake Worth, Florida.

What is a Pride Event?

It is an event for the entire community to celebrate the LGBTQ community.  

Do you have to be LGBTQ to attend?

No. You don't have to identify or event publicly reveal your orientation.

Why go to a Pride event?

Events such as this have a purpose to challenge long-standing misconceptions and diminish stereotypes and characterizations of about LGBTQ individuals. Prides are so important to promote, educate and advocate the diversity in our community. It's an opportunity to bring together the community.

What did I think of this event?

I wasn't sure what to expect - especially attending the event solo - but the uncertainty that I felt walking down the street melted within seconds as I met several friends and friendly faces. If I could describe the atmosphere in just three words they are positive, welcoming and inclusive.

I loved seeing friends from so many different parts of my life share in this experience together. There were families and children and people of all ages and the sentiments expressed throughout the day was surprisingly the same - "Love is Love."

I learned a lot this day about how amazing it is to celebrate all the people that make this slice of the world a better place, bring you up and propel you forward while we celebrate our differences and what we have in common. 

So many lessons learned this day and some of my favorites are that you're never too old to learn new things and whom better to learn from than your friends but, my favorite lesson is Love is love.

Thank you for reading ~ Wendy

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