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Dreams DO Come True & This Girl Is Woke

Dreams DO Come True & This Girl Is Woke

I am woke. But before I get to this enlightening experience, I must tell you what happened earlier in the week with "my friend" Marty.

A few days before the concert there was a dream?

A few days before the concert, that I was NOT going to - Marty and I went shopping for an art night. During this expedition, he described a dream that he had with Janelle Monáe and in this dream he met her and was on stage with her. That's a big dream for sure. So, we searched and he found the perfect hat for an outfit that he designed specifically for this experience. This hat needed to be embellished and customized. So, during art night, Marty worked on his hat while we all painted rocks (it's a thing!) and he told others about the dream, how it felt so real and he hoped it would come true.

Why wasn't I going to this concert?

Marty was going with another friend, but at the last minute, things changed.

Something happened?

I suppose you could say that the constellations aligned or a Fairy Godmother intervened. Just a few hours before the concert, Marty texted that his friend couldn't go to the concert and he thought it would be fun if we went. I said, OK and off we went to Miami.  

Marty looked great and he got a lot of attention from reporters for his look and he was featured in a few photos...

The concert

Janelle Monáe's Dirty Computer tour performed at the Fillmore Theater in Miami Beach with openers St. Beauty. Great opening act, really enjoyed their vocals and musicality. When Janelle arrived, it was all dance, all the time. The funnest concert I've been to in decades. Of course, it's one of the first concerts I've been to in decades, but that's another story. 

Preparation pays...arrive early

We arrived early and were so lucky to be admitted to the FLOOR in front of the stage. It was standing room only but we were close and it felt like VIP.  And the crowd was so much fun. Miami, you rock! We talked to people and took some photos, definitely, one of the best crowds or fans I've experienced.   

What happened that left me shooketh?

During the song, "I got the Juice," Janelle invited maybe 4 people on stage with her to dance. Marty was chosen.


Marty didn't think he was called, but then she said, "THE HAT!" 

I had seen an actual dream come true!

What did I lose?

My composure.

I was OVERLY EXCITED for Marty who was as cool as a cucumber or cat. I would add a video here that I took, but I'm mortally embarrassed because, since I was only operating on emotion and a Starbucks Grande Latte - the video has me yelling to the those around me - "THAT'S MY FRIEND" along with me cheering, screaming and yelling, "MARTY." Now, I suppose this isn't too unusual for a twenty-something but, I'm not twenty-something. Marty thought it was funny, but even he muted the sound when he showed others later. 

Biggest thing? DREAMS DO COME TRUE! 

Seeing Marty's dream come true really was so freakin exciting, it left me shook. 

Lessons learned?

If you are going to take video, pay attention so that you aren't holding your phone above your head and it's blocked by everyone around you and don't scream when you are the person filming - your voice turns out the loudest in the video. Really.

Life is painfully short and when an opportunity comes your way that you can afford with $$$, time and your other obligations - go for it, you might be surprise and have an amazing time. I had an amazing night and am a new fan of Janelle's music, her show was inspiring and she's a role model. I can't wait to see what she does in the future. And I'm looking forward to what our next adventure will be.  

Dream, do and experience life. ~ Wendy




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Here's to friendship exceeding physical bounds!

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