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Here's to friendship exceeding physical bounds!

Here's to friendship exceeding physical bounds!

August, 20, 2018.

It is my absolute honor to know Mitchell Herrmann. I can honestly say that he changed my life with his friendship, love and support. Our friendship was not conventional and that mattered not to him one bit, he treated me just the same as he treated all his friends. 

I was lucky to participate in so many adventures and learning opportunities with him during the past year.  And even more fortunate that over time his group of friends became my friends too. I am so grateful for our time together and for our friend community.

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How did your friendship start?

Mitchell was invited to my home by a family guest also staying at the time. I met him late at night in my pajamas. In less than a second, and before I could even utter any words of greetings, he hugged me. And it was not a socially polite hug, it was a full hug that you give to those you love the deepest. That's him. Love first. 

Soon after this meeting, we were discussing tattoos and well, one thing led to another and ... he "stick and poked" 3 hearts on my wrist under the word hope. This, I believe, is the moment that our friendship started.  

This is Mitchell, so beautiful.  He brought this book for me to read during one of our tea sessions. Always the teacher. 


Here's some photos of our year together, it wasn't always tea and art, but included so much more and so many experiences and amazing friends.  

The news of Mitchell's passing is something I will never forget for as long as I breathe.  I think the that everyone that knows Mitchell is still in shock. 

The day after, Marty and I went to the beach at night: it was so beautiful and just felt like Mitchell was there. We celebrated our friend with stories, photos, videos and quiet time to speak to Mitchell in the heavens. It was a perfect moment when Marty played a song on his ukulele that he wrote for Mitchell and later posted on Instagram. Here it is. 

From: Marty aka Margie

Thank you Wendy for letting me use your instagram to say this. 

A couple days ago I lost my best friend, my brother, my mentor, my twin flame. You changed my life forever and will continue to be my inspiration going forward. There’s so much I want to say but it’s just so hard to verbalize right now because these wounds are still deep and fresh and will take time to heal. 

I wrote a song for Mitch a year ago that I want to share. I wrote it about him and the beautiful people I met through him and with him so it is as much for you as it is for him. I love you boop and I hope you show me the coolest parts of the cosmos when we meet up again. 

It’s a miracle, a wonder
That we found each other here.
No more pain and no more sorrow.
No more anger, no more fear.

This is our new revolution:
Love each other, love ourselves
Love the earth and all her beauty
Adding photos to our shelves.

If we grow old, I will smile.
If we die young, smiling still.
Cause I will leave with you beside me
All our photo albums filled.

And they’ll say:
“They lived without hesitation.
They lived bold in spite of fear.
Each day met with admiration.
I’m so glad that they were here.”

I learned so much from Mitchell and I will never forget him. I aspire to continue the message of spreading love and light as he taught me and to live life, be present and appreciate the moments.

To all that know and love him, remember his birthday toast, "Here's to friendship exceeding physical bounds..." 

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